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From: ProfEduStream <profedustream@gmail•com>
To: Bitcoin Development Mailing List <>
Subject: [bitcoindev] BIP 322 use case
Date: Fri, 3 May 2024 16:53:31 -0700 (PDT)	[thread overview]
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As a Bitcoin association, we're currently facing an issue because we're 
unable to sign an address with our multi-sig wallet.
After conducting some research, I came across BIP322 in these threads: &


As a Bitcoin association, we offer membership to everyone for a few 
thousand sats per year. To facilitate this process, we utilize "Swiss 
Bitcoin Pay". It's an application that allows us to easily manage our 
accounting. Additionally, we onboard merchants with this app because of its 
user-friendly interface and self-custodial capabilities, making it very 
convenient. The accounting features are also highly beneficial.

To utilize this application in a self-custodial manner, users need to paste 
a Bitcoin address on the "Swiss Bitcoin Pay" dashboard and then sign a 
message with this address. This serves as a "Proof-of-Ownership" and is a 
legal requirement in some regulated countries. "Swiss Bitcoin Pay" is not 
the only application that requires signing a message as a 
"Proof-of-Ownership". Peach, a non-KYC P2P Bitcoin application, is another 

Given our goal to decentralize our treasury, we naturally opt for a 
multi-sig wallet, similar to many companies. However, as you know, BIP 322 
hasn't been pushed and it's currently impossible to sign a message with a 
multi-sig wallet.


I'm unsure why BIP322 hasn't been pushed or addressed in the past few 
months/years, but I want to highlight its necessity.
Additionally, I hope that this comment sheds light on a deficiency in our 
Bitcoin ecosystem, and I trust that further improvements will be made to 
enable people to sign a message with a multi-sig wallet.

I'm available to assist if needed.


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