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From: Bryan Bishop <kanzure@gmail•com>
Subject: [bitcoindev] bitcoin-dev Mailing List Migration (Action Required)
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2024 14:34:44 -0600	[thread overview]
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Recently we announced a forthcoming mailing list migration. We are now
ready to announce details.

After working through a few roadblocks we are now finally ready to migrate
the mailing list to Google Groups. Emails to the old list are no longer
accepted as of February 2024. Subscribe promptly to ensure you're not
missing any emails. We'll wait 24 hours prior to letting new emails through
to give people time to subscribe.

The new location of the bitcoindev mailing list is:

Ongoing archive including previous messages:

If you want to subscribe manually you have two options. You can send an
email to bitcoindev+subscribe@googlegroups•com and then send a reply to the
automated email you'll receive (check your spam folder). Alternatively, you
can also subscribe through the online interface at, using a Google account (not the
same as gmail - you can create a Google account with any email address you

We encourage everyone to stay opted in to receiving *all* messages,
especially if you want to actively participate in the conversation. If you
don't do this, you won't be able to reply to existing messages easily,
which commonly breaks threading and inconveniences readers. In order to
keep your main inbox uncluttered, you can set up a filter for messages that
have as the recipient.

The new mailing list archive can be viewed in the online interface (no
Google account required) and is also backed up externally at The old mailing list contents can also be
viewed there. Note we aren't relying on Google for anything critical here
and are merely using them as a conduit for information that is already
meant to be public.

We would like to encourage others to host public archives of the mailing
list in addition to the public-inbox archive. With
the archive, it's as simple as git cloning,
subscribing (using bitcoindev+subscribe@googlegroups•com and then replying
to bitcoindev+subconfirm@googlegroups•com) and configuring your own
public-inbox instance, or any other mail archive that you prefer. Once you
set up an archive, send us a message and let us know where users can view

A comprehensive archive of the bitcoin-dev mailing list, as part of the
migration away from the previous server(s), and as part of the creation of
the public-inbox archive, can be found here (see README inside for more
sha256: 86b8fb99451f990adbe755a1c363d9814ae620255d8fed5b4f7b0d4d59430b3c

Finally, we'd like to remind people that mailing lists are essentially a
mass broadcast medium with only very limited moderation options. Please try
to think about whether your post is relevant to everyone, especially when
starting a new topic, in order to maintain a decent signal-to-noise ratio.
The rules remain unchanged and can be viewed at

Moderators can be reached at bitcoindev+owner@googlegroups•com.

On behalf of the mailing list moderation team, thank you for bearing with
us. We would also like to thank Joe Rayhawk <jrayhawk@fairlystable•org> for
his assistance with software and infrastructure configuration during this

Ruben Somsen
Bryan Bishop
Warren Togami

previous communication on this matter:

- Bryan

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