Recent changes to this wiki:

fix url thinko
document moved notice; too bad i cant code a 302 redirect
slightly less borked formatting on intro
htmlerized version of the package specification
packages aren't necessarily going to be python packages on the first round
first go at a new web presence
this time in png format
heath matlock contributed this a few years ago
we also need a short description for each project
various updates to package_spec.yaml (listed below)
- removed comment from url line
- rewrote my bad additions to intro
- added 'dependency' definition
- added to package name requirements
- formatting fixes
more diybio-related equipment and greatly improved file organization
a long-overdue list of lab equipment useful for do-it-yourself biology
i probably shouldn't be writing specifications this late at night
be explicit about todo in the spec
updated description of a maintainer
wtf kind of lame ass excuse for a merge is this
actually, dealing with dual licenses isnt worth my effort
explain metadata template
converted package_spec.yaml to consistently use 80 character lines
fixed formatting issues and updated one or two sentences
might as well admit it's a yaml file
first pass at documenting metadata format etc
fix quoting issue in doc/installing
added charles mirriam's civilization tree code
prototype instruction checker in php (why?)
defuse vim newbie deathtrap
remove all those damn #### marks, and reorganize the file so that newbies dont have to install lots of useless crap and get hung up
an old outline for the h+ summit 2009 talk on how to make a civilization seed
updating the todo list, removing old/finished items
It was incorrect, you don't need quote space.
an actual fix this time to the sed line
rawr it was right the first time
updated installation notes to use .deb packages whenever they are available
make doc/installing work without human intervention for pythonOCC
Added a missing parenthesis.
how to install skdb on ubuntu 9.10
how to install skdb on a fresh copy of ubuntu 9.10
renamed hacking to installing since it was all about installing
starting to log dependencies (pester fenn for a script)
lots of tiny and general bug reports
revamped skdb settings and configuration to use config.yaml
updated the installation guide to reflect pythonOCC 0.3
more data from adesign
Pie, Apple, Color, need to reimplement Color- was hoping to do build dependencies with parse trees
minor bug fix: some_pan is not the same thing as affixed_pan
make it optional to build an oven if you can allocate an oven
move some lines around, make it optional to put the pie crust in a pan if it may already be there
refactoring the build method in the pie example
simplified the example for instruction generation
in this version, Part inherits from Tree and all Parts carry their
build Tree, which has actions (nodes) connecting states together.
future unit tests should:
- use a variety of Tree constructors
- use a variety of ActionContainer constructors
- traverse actions extracted from trees
- nest trees
- "expand" or "open" an ActionContainer to execute the action
- pause/rewind sequences of actions in a 3D virtual sandbox
- integrate with pycal3d and pyODE ??
Outlined architecture discussed yesterday.
new file: proposals/
Nothing interesting here, it doesn't work.
moved stuff around to make more sense and be valid yaml
answered some questions, meddling.. kanzure please look at changes
notes on the architecture of instruction generation in skdb
some notes on the current and future architecture of skdb
changed surface approximation code over to oo, plus some unit tests
parametric modeling added to todo
fix mismatched apostrophe
update the todo to represent recent progress
move graph theory code out of the main directory and into the abyss
adesign library component list
merge old list into working copy, delete obsolete info
begin merging
fix outdated info
updated todo
some really bad OOP for treating techniques as objects and spitting out instructions
fix todo stuff
because caps suck
move some more stuff around
consolidated some documentation into a subfolder specifically for lists
blah blah blah
make more hierarchical
put blame where blame is due :P
convert usefulness ratings to a numerical scale. this doesn't make it suck any less though.
plus sign screws up range expression
finished typing up book
electronic devices (basic) added. not inclusive of anything interesting unfortunately.
more devices
documentation link for
pull yourself together, bot!
note to self
updated todo list
removing cruft
reformatted perfusion protocol
prices fs
finished adding priority levels, on to pricing
saul griffith - tools to make almost anything
not blah == None -> blah is not None
fixed some lines in the biology protocol ontology proposal
more todo added
some more fixes, various links that were requested